Brain Teaser for Your IQ Test: Only a genius can spot the mistake in this keyboard picture in 9 seconds! Are you ready to test your IQ level?

spot the mistakeSpot the mistake in 9 seconds!

Brain Teaser for Your IQ Test: This brain teaser is for those who love to play fun and challenging games. This is a fun challenge for your brain that often requires clever thinking to solve. 

The brain teasers can be riddles, puzzles, or problems that make you use your mind in creative ways. They are like little games that help exercise your brain and make you feel satisfied when you figure them out.

So we bring you a slightly challenging brain teaser in which you have to spot the mistake in this keyboard image within 9 seconds.

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Brain Teaser: Spot the mistake in 9 seconds!

Source: Bright Side

In the above image, you have to spot the mistake in the keyboard picture. A genius mind can spot the mistake within 9 seconds. You have to look carefully at this picture and spot the mistake in it. This brainteaser is simple and a bit tricky. So, you have to spot the mistake without scrolling down to see the answer and cheating!

The hint for you is to look carefully at all the portions of the picture.

Brain Teaser Solution

Just look at the picture carefully to spot the mistake and solve this brain teaser. In the picture, there is a keyboard and a monitor. The keyboard and monitor lie on a desk whose color is light purple. Both the keyboard and the monitor are white. Now look carefully at the picture to see if something doesn’t look right. At first glance, you may think that everything is correct, but when you look carefully at the picture, you will see the mistake that has been asked in the question.

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Source: Bright Side

The mistake in this picture was that 8 appeared twice in the numbers on the keyboard; that is, 9 comes after 8, but there is also 8 in the next key after 8 on the keyboard. Many people will be looking for the mistake in the alphabet section on the keyboard. In the end, they will spot the mistake in the numbered keys on the keyboard.

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