Only a person with a high IQ can spot 5 differences between the pictures of a lion on a car in 17 seconds! Do you want to test your IQ? Test your IQ now!

Spot 5 differencesSpot 5 differences in 17 seconds!

A “spot the difference” puzzle is a fun and engaging activity where you are presented with two almost identical pictures, and your task is to find and circle or point out the small things that are different between them.

The images in these puzzles are printed side-by-side.

The differences in these puzzles can be in the form of changes in colors, shapes, or objects within the images. 

The spot-the-difference puzzles make you pay close attention and think more. Doing this regularly can make your brain stronger for solving problems and thinking clearly.

People of all ages enjoy solving these puzzles.

So, test your visual skills by spotting the differences.

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Spot 5 differences in 17 seconds!

Image Source: Nokatsu ◆Spot the difference juku◆ (YouTube)

The above picture is a beautiful day view in which a lion is in a colorful car that is running on a road. There are apple trees and greenery on the right and left sides of the road. There is also a helicopter and a bird in the picture.

You must spot 5 differences between these images in 17 seconds!

Hint: Look carefully at all the portions of these pictures.

In these puzzles, some differences are quick to spot, and some differences take a while to spot.

These puzzles are fun and challenging

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Did you spot the differences?

Have you spotted the differences?

Hope! You have spotted all the differences.

If you haven’t spotted the differences, then hurry up!

Time is running out.

The clock is ticking!








Time’s up!

Congratulations! to those who have spotted the differences.

For those who can’t spot the differences, scroll up again to look at the pictures carefully and spot the differences without any timer.

Here is the solution to this puzzle.

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Image Source: Nokatsu ◆Spot the difference juku◆ (YouTube)

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