Spot the difference: In this puzzle, only a brilliant person can spot 3 differences in this picture of a man with children standing next to a snowman! Are you brilliant? If you have a sharp mind, spot three differences in the following image.

spot 3 differencesSpot 3 differences in 12 seconds!

Spot the Difference puzzles are engaging for people, and it is a brain game in which the player has to find the difference between two identical pictures.

At first sight, the player does not see any difference between these images. The player thinks there is no difference between these images, but there are differences between the two images.

When the player looks carefully, he finds the differences between the two identical pictures.

People of all ages enjoy these spot-the-difference puzzles.

Here is the image of the spot-the-difference puzzle.

Only the sharp-eyed can spot the 3 differences between the little girl’s beach pictures in 11 Seconds!

Image Source: YouTube

In the picture above, a man is next to a snowman with his two children in winter. His daughter is older, and his son is younger. Children are standing on the left side of the picture. Their father is on the right side of the picture, and the snowman is in the middle of the image.

You have to spot 3 differences in this spot-the-difference puzzle in just 12 seconds!

A hint for you is to look carefully at all the portions of the pictures so that you can see the differences.

Some of the differences in these puzzles are quick to spot, and some take a while to figure out.

These puzzle games are brain-stimulating and fun.

Did you spot 3 differences in this picture?

Did you spot the three differences?


Hope you have found three differences, and if you haven’t spotted the differences, then search quickly.


Your 12 seconds are running out.


The clock is ticking!








Time is up!


Here is the solution.

Only the Eagle-eyed Person can spot the 3 differences between this Sink area in 7 Seconds!


Image Source: YouTube

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