A brain teaser For your IQ Test: Can you spot the hidden object in this picture of a flock of ostriches in 11 seconds? Are you sharp-minded? So, test your mind by finding the hidden object!

Spot the hidden object in 11 seconds!

In these puzzles, people must find the picture’s hidden object. Everyone enjoys solving brain teasers and puzzles.

Whenever someone sees these brain teasers and puzzles, everyone takes them as a challenge to solve.

These brain teasers are enjoyable for people of all ages. People of all ages can find something hidden in these puzzles.

It is tricky to find the hidden object in these puzzles.

Here’s a picture of the puzzle.

Image Source: Brightside

In the above image of the brain teaser, there is a flock of many ostriches where all the ostriches are running around. You have to find the hidden object in this brain teaser picture.

These brain teasers are very fun and challenging.

The following are the benefits of spotting the hidden objects of brain teasers:

  • Boosts Creativity: Solving brain teasers makes you think creatively. It helps you find different ways to solve problems, and this creativity can spill over into other parts of your life, making you more innovative.
  • Sharper Eyesight: Engaging in spot-the-hidden-object puzzles can enhance your ability to focus and see details. This practice encourages your eyes to become more adept at distinguishing between various shapes, colors, and patterns.
  • Eye Relaxation Exercises: Looking for hidden objects in a puzzle is like doing exercises for your eyes. You move your eyes on purpose and look at different things. It helps your eyes feel better when you are tired and makes you feel more relaxed. It’s like a little workout for your eyes to help them stay healthy and comfortable.
  • Improved Concentration: Searching for hidden objects in puzzles requires sustained attention. Regularly challenging your vision this way helps you to improve your concentration skills, which are beneficial in various aspects of daily life.

A brain teaser for your IQ test: Can you spot the mistake in this picture of a man watching television in 11 seconds?

Have you spotted the hidden object?

Did you find the hidden object?


Hope! You have spotted the hidden object. If you haven’t found the hidden object, then hurry up!


Time is running out.


The clock is ticking!


Only 3 seconds are left!


3…2…and 1!


Your time is up!


Here is the solution.


Brain Teaser for Your IQ Test: Only people with sharp vision can spot the hidden bee in 7 seconds!



Image Source: Brightside

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