Can you spot the hidden butterfly among the parrots? This optical illusion is fun and challenging. So, test your observation skills now!


spot the hidden butterflySpot the hidden butterfly in 9 seconds?

Optical illusions are pictures that trick your eyes. They hide something in a confusing background, making it hard to see.

These optical illusions are fun to test your visual skills and a fun way to relieve your boredom.

It’s like a fun game of finding something hiding in plain sight, and it works by making your brain pay extra attention to figure out what’s there.

People of all ages enjoy solving these optical illusions.

Optical illusions boost your observation skills. 

Do you want to test your IQ level?

So, we have brought you a challenging optical illusion.

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Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden butterfly!

Image Source: Bright Side

In the picture above, many colorful parrots are sitting together on a tree, and there is also a hidden butterfly that you have to spot among the parrots in 9 seconds.

Optical illusions are pictures that try to trick you by hiding something inside. 

With the help of such optical illusions, you can test your IQ level.

Hint: Look carefully at all the portions of the puzzle.

So, your time starts now to spot the hidden butterfly!

Did you spot the hidden Butterfly?

Have you spotted the butterfly?

Hope! You have spotted the hidden butterfly.

If you haven’t spotted the hidden butterfly, then hurry up!

Time is running out.

The clock is ticking!








Time’s up!

Congratulations! to those who have spotted the hidden butterfly.

If you can’t spot it, scroll up again, look carefully at the image, and spot the hidden butterfly without any timer.

So, now is the time for the solution!

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Image Source: Bright Side

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