Spot the difference puzzle: In this puzzle, can you spot 3 differences between these two images of a cute mouse in 9 seconds? So, spot the differences to test your observation skills.

spot 3 differencesSpot 3 differences in 9 seconds!

Spot the Difference is a game where you look at two pictures that seem the same but have small differences. Playing these puzzles helps your brain get better at noticing details and patterns.

The spot-the-difference puzzles make you pay close attention and think more. Doing this regularly can make your brain stronger for solving problems and thinking clearly.

The images in these puzzles are side-by-side.

If you want to occupy your time, there is no other activity more enjoyable than spot-the-difference puzzles.

So, test your observation skills by spotting the differences.

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Spot 3 differences in 9 seconds!

Source: YouTube

In the picture above, you can see a cute little mouse dressed in construction clothes and holding an axe. There are some small stones and some grass on the ground around the mouse. So, can you spot 3 differences between these pictures?

A hint for you is to look carefully at all the portions in these pictures to find the differences.

In these puzzles, some differences are quick to spot, and some differences take a while to spot.

These puzzles are fun and challenging.

Did you spot the 3 differences?

Hope! You have spotted all the differences.

If you haven’t spotted the differences, then hurry up!


Time is running out!


The clock is ticking!








Time is up!

Congratulations! to those who have spotted the differences.

For those who can’t spot the differences, scroll up again to look at the pictures carefully and find the differences without any timer.

So, here is the solution.

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Source: YouTube

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